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“Breathtaking…among the very best in the new line of Russian spy thrillers. Fallout is a must read for fans of political thrillers and espionage fiction.”                 - Best Thrillers



“An astounding achievement…Hunter has produced a brilliantly thought-out, well-researched thriller, the detail of which quite takes the reader's breath away.”

                                                                                                            - Readers' Favorite

“Incredibly rewarding…it’s been a while since I’ve read a contemporary thriller that could keep me on the edge of my seat.”

                                                                                         - San Francisco Book Review



“An utterly addictive and highly rewarding read…the character development throughout this novel is exceptional, and refreshingly nuanced.William Hunter is one of the best new names in the genre, and Fallout deserves a wide readership.”



“A beautifully written, engaging story with a satisfying ending…recommended for historical fiction lovers and those who enjoy spy novels.”

                                                                                                       - Seattle Book Review



“Hunter exhibits an impressive knowledge of the inner machinations of international espionage as well as the history of the Cold War. Falloutevokes an atmosphere of dread and dark distrust, the kind of hard-boiled ambiance reminiscent of the work of Alan Furst.”                                                                                                     - Kirkus Reviews

“An action packed, authentic spy novel with a surprise around every corner.”

                                                                                                - Manhattan Book Review

"A layered novel that jumps between Cold War double-crossing and a present day revenge plot. Crisp, clear prose...steeped in the tradecraft of espionage and grist for fans of the genre." - The BookLife Prize

                                                                                                         - The BookLife Prize

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